We Use Price Curiosity to Fill your Sales Team’s Inbox with High-Quality Leads.

Have you ever been frustrated trying to get ballpark pricing for a product or service? Did you fill out the Request-a-Quote form? Probably not. You were interested but not ready to talk to Sales. They lost you and didn’t even know it.

Are your potential customers feeling the same way and leaving your website to go search for pricing? Statistics say yes.

We fix this price abandonment problem by adding a SafePrice™ option to your website. Don’t worry, you won’t be giving pricing away; your sales team will always be in control. But you will capture high-quality leads before the competition giving your sales team the inside track to win the business.

Step 1 – Add a Pricing Button like this.

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What Happens Next?

When a visitor clicks on the “GET PRICING VIA EMAIL” button, the EchoQuote SafePrice™ process is triggered. Three distinct steps take place to safely move the prospect from being an anonymous visitor to a sales qualified lead.

  1. The prospect uses EchoQuote to select the items they want pricing for
  2. EchoQuote notifies Sales of the request and waits for approval (safe)
  3. If approved by Sales, pricing information is sent to the prospect via email

A New Sales Conversation Begins in Less Than 5 Minutes…

The prospect gets budgetary pricing without sales hassle

Sales gets an interested prospect AND stays in control of pricing

Marketing gets credit for capturing a high-quality lead

Does it Work?